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Yeah, I held off on a review for a while but I’m over it. The game is TRASH! •You get 5 tickets to start with...takes 1 hour for each ticket to generate. •You get asked the same questions over and over again Both of those things are annoying but THE MOST ANNOYING THING ABOUT THIS GAME IS THE ANSWERS. Please tell me how “get drunk” and “throw a surprise party” are the same answers? When doing the fast money rounds, you and another player will get the same questions but not at the same time. Which means they have an opportunity to get the best answer. Of course there are no duplicate answers so if you don’t get the number one answer you will likely get a 0 for the answer you chose. And the number one answers are OBVIOUS... Name something that might be stored on a boat? An obvious answer would be a life vest... say anything other than that and you get zero.

Crashes a lot

This app crashes a lot and takes your tickets and coins then you don’t get to play the round it wasted your coins and ticket on. Takes hours to earn more tickets to play for free.


Every time I win it gives my coins and points to my opponent what gives get better or I delete

Can't even play!

To start playing, I have to either buy coins or watch ads. I wouldn't have downloaded if I had realized that!

just like other games no just no

you know what this crap really just gets on my nerves I have a bunch of problems I can't even count number one this game is not accessible have you ever thought about blind people wanting to play such as me ha ha of course not a problem to actually there is only one problem but you could've been one of them actually thinks about other people like this this this is this this right here this is what I hate none of the developers actually think about blind people except for the ones that make audio games so until further notice I'm going to delete this app and other blind people after I encourage you not to download this app unless you can see a little bit because this is not helpful to blind people this app is not accessible I cannot stand when people do this these developers don't think about The whole community and I wish I didn't have to give it any stars because if I didn't have to give it zero stars

Annoying and time wasting!!!

This game was made very poorly. First off In the middle of a game it freezes and kicks me off and I lose my coins. This happens 80% or the time!! Some of their questions seem to be repetitive. I’ll guess the right answer it buzzes me and at the end of it, it was the right answer.... what the heck is that!!!! When playing fast money if I guess the number one answer I should get the same amount of points even if my opponent guesses it first. I love family feud but if this continues I’ll have delete this game. It’s more aggravating than entertaining. Please please update some of these issues.


I usually answer all the questions and the other team never answer and yet I lose sometime when the other team never answers. There are no rules written as for the scoring. Awful app!!!

Not a good game

I’m only on level 5 and the game is already repeating the same questions with the same answers way too much. If you like banging your head against a wall trying to figure out why “chips” and “snacks” don’t work, (name something you’d buy from a gas station), pedestrian and person, (name something a bike rider may hit), fire and torch, (name something you’d use to fend off wild animals), then this game is for you. It is quite simply, very redundant.

Variable responses

I've put in answers that would've been a given on the show... Such as i put laser beam... The answer was laser... It gave me the red x.... This needs to be exactly like the TV show. Plus the fast money round should be included in the game instead of being separate. The family fued on the wii is way better.........i deleted this junk asap

What the heck?!

What the heck happened to this app?? The same questions over and over. The questions are STUPID! And the answers are even WORSE! WHO ON EARTH ARE YOU ASKING TO GET THE ANSWERS? This app didn't used to be like this. I'm deleting it!

Another scammy game

I was enjoying this game for the most part until just barely, I was in the middle of playing and about to win and it says “connection error” the entire game was lost and none of my coins refunded. There was no connection error this is what all the scam apps do. Also when I watch a video to earn coins they don’t always give you the coins that they claim you will receive. I have had repeated questions multiple times even though I just started playing a few days ago and on the fast money round I put a word that means the same thing as what the other person put yet I get 0 points and they get 40 or so points, I have had this happen multiple times. With all this being said all these things combined make me not trust the game and I’m sure it’s most likely rigged for you to win or lose to try to get you to spend real money.

Not Great

The questions are pretty dumb. The answers are even worse. There are better Family Feud games in the App Store

Very repetitive

Same over and over and I won’t say rigged but you can definitely see the other side has an advantage a lot but a decent time killer


Hey Kept saying the signal was messed up and it wasn’t. We kept getting kicked out and it kept saying you have to connect to Facebook


I never leave reviews, but this app is constantly saying i have no connection, when I do!! And then i end up losing my coins. PLEASE FIX.

In love

I love this gam so much just wish we didn’t have to wait a hour for a ticket


My opponent can get 0 answers and win the game! How?? Takes the fun out of the game.

it doesn’t work??

i think this app will eventually be great but the developers or whoever really need to fix what’s wrong with the app. can’t get through one full game before the game freezes and then shuts down. or sometimes you will type an answer and it will say it’s wrong but then the exact same thing shows up on the board at the end, and the keyboard is really weird too it takes me forever to type on it


Easy questions please!!!


This game is riveting and challenging. I like how questions aren’t always recycled. However I do feel at times that I’m being short changed - the free spins somehow always end up on the least amount of coins no matter how long or short you wait to stop the wheel. Also, at times when I lose service, I lose coins but if you email the support team, they’re willing to help.



Family Fued

Love this game very entertaining

Total garbage/ripoff!!

Download it again and try to play. After going through a ridiculous amount of pop-up screens trying to steal my data, the game then said I did not have enough coins to play for free. It wanted me to pay money immediately to play. Total rip off. Avoid this data mining scam that calls itself a game!

Wrong penalty for wrong answers

If you aren't going to do the "get three wrong and pass to other player", like real family feud, you can't penalize people points for wrong answers. I can lose the game by guessing? How is that fun? And there are so many answers that are similar, (What you would need to start a bakery? -flour -bread---really? You need flour to make bread) I'm not going to guess if I'm in the lead. The game is almost good, but losing points for guessing makes it not fun, at all. It doesn't help that a lot of the answers make no sense. (What do coffee drinkers replace coffee with? -gum-are you serious? Tea,soda,water, GUM? GUM? GUM!?!?!, BUT NOT JUICE? Coffee, not cigarettes, COFFEE!! Stupid.) Fix it, clowns.


Why do I need cash to play unlimited!

Would not recommend

Super annoying when it glitches and doesn’t let you submit a response/type. Or it doesn’t count your response. Also pretty annoying when you type the right answer and it doesn’t count it, but then it is verbatim the answer on the board. Fun when it works correctly. Which is 60% of the time.


I give this a one star rating because I be answering a question on a fast money round and they be like that’s already answered how am I suppose to know that THEN!.this game is just trying cheat you for money they need to SHUT this game down Don’t hate it’s my opinion everyone has one but at the end of the DAY this is how I feel

Family feud

Family is a good game till it loses connection but I have good connection family feud have bad connection and you lose connection in the middle of game and lose that ticket and coins that’s you lose ticket and coins and don’t get to play the hole game I wish they will fix the internet connection and it don’t load right

Always crashing

App always crashes. Answers are bogus and need to be worded exactly

Not Enough Tickets

This game is fun. But there’s not enough tickets offered without paying and it takes a long time to recover tickets. I deleted the game before because of that. It made me lose interest. Also, when you’re playing with live players in between accumulating more tickets you don’t earn very many coins for winning. A little stingy if you ask me.

Some serious problems

Okay, so the game itself is fun, however many times I have typed answers and it said it was wrong. Come to find out, the answers I typed were up there all along. Another thing is one time I was typing answers and it wouldn’t work at all, so I got 0 points and it cost me a 20,000 coin match. I am upset! The bugs in this game are terrible!

Don’t get!!

You run out of tickets to play, you run out of coins super fast, and you have to be very specific with your answers. Don’t recommend, not worth your time.

Fun game but has frustrating connectivity issues

As someone who loves to watch family feud this game is one of my favorites, however it often loses connection when I’m in the middle of a game, and ends the game without returning any of the coins I just bet.

My problem with Family Feud

I have been playing Family Feud for a couple of weeks now. I have experienced that whenever I win big coins, the system will log me off and not give me the coins. I really wish they would fix this glitch so that the coins I earned I’m able to keep. Its probably happened 5 times where I’ve lost 12,000 coins even after I have already won the 3 rounds.


I typed in criminal for a question and it gave me the point for “Biker”

Don’t even bother...

You probably like me constantly watch family feud and want to feel like you are on the show, if that is the case this is not your app to go. First of all they ask ridiculous questions such as “What are some weapons in the game clue, and Where should you take a vampire for a date... They assume you play and been trough situations they ask but answer board is quite... odd.. the number one place to take a vampire on a date is the beach? And also if you are not looking to spend money are log into Facebook... you wouldn’t be playing this game a lot. Playing a made up version with family and friends would be better than this..

Good game but needs an update

Believe me, it’s a good game. But it lags and it’s very slow! So I’d say it needs an update. Other than that, it’s a good, fun, and addictive!

Best game everrrrrrrrrr!!!!:$$$$$)))))


pretty good

pretty good!

Eh it’s good...

I do really like this game but there are some things I hate about it. It glitches all the time and the keyboard it hard to work with. I also get a lot of the same questions after a little bit. Plus when I won the last few times, it didn’t give me the money that I won. Still pretty amusing though.

trash 🚮

trash ahh game , delete this bs

Really bad

I’m glad I don’t pay for coins or other things with my own money. I’ll be in the middle of a game and it’ll freeze on me. I can see the other person wracking up answers and mine won’t take any. Internet connection is fine, the problem is the game. Lost so many games from this glitch. Don’t bother wasting your time. I used to love this game but I deleted the app.

Not worth it

The system keeps crashing and starting over in the middle of a match. You lose your coins and tickets. It doesn’t save your progress. Also, you have to pay VIP monthly prices to get more tickets. Reload time on tickets to play is way too long. Could have been a 4 Star game without the hinky system that always crashes and the fact that you have to buy everything to continue playing. Not impressed.

Constant Freezing

This game is SOOOOO dope. One of my favorite apps, but for at least 6 months now, the game just suddenly crashes in the middle of playing w/ someone. It always tells you it has poor internet connection etc. etc. And no it is not me, lol it is a very well-known issue that everyone has. I figured being off it it for months and coming back it would be resolved... Tried it last week and it couldn’t stay logged in long enough for one dam game. Smh. C’mon guys get it together.


It’s okay so far.

Greedy Game?

I love playing family feud for years, Oddly ever since I bought coins a couple of times, I can’t seem to win a game. Therefore I then will quickly have no money left to play and then I PAY MORE MONEY for more playing... i have no problem losing, but it’s been EVERY GAME...🤔 U will be losing a customer soon if this doesn’t turn around

Fed up!

Answers are either too literal or just plain stupid. People who play a lot see the same questions often and know the answers, no other way they’d know the dumb answers!!

Dumb question and answers

The questions are dumb one question was name something you timed accept for racing. So at the end it said running. Then it all the answers was so dumb it didn’t got with the question. Also the questions makes no sense what so ever! Another question was “where would a drunk person fall asleep after the bartender take they keys?” So I put outside,bus stop and park or cab. They answers was bar, stool, alley and floor. Now if a bartender takes they keys wouldn’t you assume the person is now leaving the bar. But no the answers all pertain to inside the bar. Please come with new and better questions and answers!!!

Stupid game with stupid answers

E.g. Math, patience, and love are answers for something a child might teach their parents

Don’t Waste Your Time

Same questions asked all the time. Also, you can give an answer like fire wood for something you would have run out of when camping but get it wrong. But then one of the correct answers is wood. That is just one example of the ridiculousness of how you can get answers wrong when they are really right.

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