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I’ve noticed there’s different answers for the same question!

Fun but there are a few glitches

This game is entertaining but just like any other, you have to dedicate some time to it to get good at it. Also there are glitches. The ones I have found include: in “Fast Money Tournament” mode when you change the wager it doesn’t stay changed for the next round like in the other modes, the internet connection is not reliable and I can almost never see a video to get my free 300 coins.


Keyboard is trash


If I were you, I WOULD NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!! Unless you have time to waste. Imagine I just downloaded this game and played ONE round and it tells me I need coins to continue.... wait, it doesn’t end there, to attain coins you have to BUY! Really???? There are thousands of games to play!! I’m done.

I would like it..

They require super specific answers so you can’t answer with anything simple. The keyboard is EXTREMELY slow so you can’t answer in time and they repeat questions, plus you can’t earn tickets. Very disappointed


Run completely unreliably. FB login failure repeatedly, locks up mid tournament. Fun game but too many bugs.

This game is horrible

The questions answer are very stupid and don’t make sense at all

App crashes

It’s a fun game to play but the app crashes 9/10 times. It’s terrible. Fix your app or get rid of it.


So... I have to be on Facebook in order to continue...STUPID

Ummm what?

Bruh WiFi won’t work, cell service won’t work. How am I supposed to play the game if you can’t get to the game?!? Lol trash.

Fix the glitches!

Very upsetting that when I go to play it will freeze in the middle of my game and I’ll lose all my coins. I love the game but the glitches are making it very Annoying to play.

It isn’t even like the real thing.

I mean at least try to make this sort of realistic. I know it’s only a game but it resembles nothing to the actual game. There is just nothing there. Not a good gane at all!

See the issues but is this a dating app? Lol

This game is odd. Still trying to decide but I see both good n bad points. Here’s something I didn’t see in other reviews. Still deciding but it seems this game is used as a pickup site? It’s live and it uses FB to connect so ur basically playing random ppl around the country. You can even filter opponents by gender and age (sound familiar?). If you could filter by location it really would be a dating app that uses a stupid game to break the ice. Entertaining but not sure it’s worth the $10 a month or whatever they r asking for for the premium vip membership.

It gets disconected often times and u loose the game

It gets disconected often in the middle of the game and takes my coins.


Tried it out & kept it on my phone for a bit until i really got annoyed because it wouldn’t accept some of my answers because they weren’t specific. & then when the answers would pop up at the end, my guess would be on there. For example: If i guessed clothes i would get an X.... but shirt would be an answer. Or if i guessed appearance it would be on there, but style would be an answer too. & I thought style was appearance? Although, If you can deal with stuff like that, you’ll love this game, but it’s a waste of time honestly. & they ask the same questions sadly. & i dislike the subtraction of my points for guessing. It has a sense of family feud, but many things differ.

Good app,...But..

Why isn’t there a search feature so I can find non Facebook friends???

Horrible intelligence

You better pick the exact answer they have. There is almost no interpretation of words that mean the same thing. I deleted because it was so dang annoying.


This game does not make sense😂 there was one question that asked "what do people do to settle arguments?" Why was one of the answers fighting🤦🏾‍♀️ that is not how you settle a fight

Don’t download

Freaking ridiculous. I’ve been waiting 15 minutes for the game to even come on from when i downloaded it.


This game is awful. You can give the same meaning of the answer and it’s still wrong. The answers are beyond stupid.

Love Feud, not this game.

I’m a huge fan of Family Feud. But, not being jipped on this game. If you get kicked out of the game after you pushed to start you lose your coins. You have to know the exact wording of an answer to get it right. Example: you say air conditioning and the answer is air conditioner. What a joke. Oh, and the circles take forever to fill in so you can level up. Please fix these glitches or I’ll be deleting after my coins are gone.

Poor connection

This game is fun, but takes to long to load and loses connection in the middle of a round. I don’t have this problem with any other app. The letter keyboard is unpredictable as well, it doesn’t always type the letter you are pressing wasting time on the clock.

Outdated Questions

The questions are irrelevant and outdated. Also, the keyboard used to type your answers is particularly sensitive, leading one to misspell constantly or resort to typing extremely slow. Not very fun when it feels rigged.

Family feud

This game is so much fun!

Paying for Game! 😡

We barely get to play without being kicked out for 45 minutes until next game unless you want to pay?? BAD MARKETING STRATEGY!!!

This Game is a Cheap Rip Off

The Entire Game Of Family Fued .... rests upon the Host saying “ Out Of 100 Men Surveyed” ..... “Out Of 100 Women Surveyed” Men and Women think Differently .... So without that Information the Game is Incomplete Secondly .... while Playing “Fast Money” . The Opponent and I are NOT Playing on the Same Team .... which makes the ( Choose Another Answer Option) Seem Tremendously Silly .... this is THEE Single Stupidest Mistake you can make The Game seemed Enjoyable .... until I Unearthed all the Differences and Blunders you all have made ...... the Game seems rushed you should’ve been Patient .... you would’ve put out a Much better Product I’m Deleting this Trash Of a Game

Was great

I love the game but something is going on. I type an answer and it doesn’t show on the screen for 10-20 seconds. It’s happened the last few days.


Half of the time I type an answer in and it takes 7-10 seconds to show up on the board or to give me the X. So I lose out on time when it takes so long. It freezes on the game and exits the round half way through so I lose all of the coins I just spent on the round. It also heats the back of my phone and kills the battery. I have the iPhone X, so I know it isn’t the phone.

Don’t download

Always freezes up on me! Really bad quality!! Don’t waste your time getting this.

Too slow

Would be 5 stars but it takes too long to download. Please fix this!!! Edit: game cheats all the time


You put the right answer and it says it’s wrong and it’s always the same questions!

Need to update your app

There are many times I give an answer that is the exact same thing but worded differently. -Scenery is the same as backdrop -Kids behavior is the same thing as well behaved -Family is the same thing as spouse This is ridiculous get answers wrong and losing because the app didn’t recognize the similarities.

It’s fake!

App makes you login with Facebook... shows profile pics of “other players” you are matched with. It’s racially biased & fake. Same as other reviews... drains your coins & is ridiculous.

Glitches and takes your coins

I love the game when it actually works. Most of the time, it takes your coins and 10 seconds into the round, it just stops and takes you back to the title screen. The worst part is that it doesn’t reimburse the coins you used for the game that was interrupted. Please fix this in the next update.

Change the music!

I feel like I’m in an elevator. There’s no excitement. And bring back the strikes

Only Download if You’re Bored!

This app is NOTHING LIKE FAMILY FEUD! It often loses connection and so any coins you spent to compete are wasted. Other times, when opening the app, it takes up to 3 minutes to even load. Lastly, you aren’t even competing against real people! My boyfriend and I were sitting next to each other and playing the game, and we were competing against the SAME EXACT PERSON. Lastly, the game allows you and other people to send messages back and forth, and some people on the app are real creeps. There were a few guys asking for my social media and harassing me, asking where I’m from etc. So I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone who really loves Family Feud the show.

App not working

So far it was good but now I can’t open the app it kicks me out and if I delete the app I loose all my point. What can I do. I really enjoy this game and wouldn’t want to start all over again. Please fix the glitch

You play the Computer not Users so it is rigged for users to lose

Was fun up until I realized the higher coins put up You just play a computer and not another user . They then take your coins so you pay for more. They happen to get an awnser to give them the lead in the last second of the round or they literally get every awnser if you get all but one . Pretty much rigged so you can lose.

It cheats!!

All of a sudden, with just a few seconds left, the other player suddenly has hundreds of points.


I have spent some of my own money to buy coins. It never fails , almost daily family feud loses connection. I have spent 40 thousand coins on a couple of games to lose it all because of the connection!! This is the only game that causes that problem! It’s frustrating!!

Loading problem

Never wants to load.. I have service and my phone is fast! Every other app loads except this one.. it takes forever to load!


this app never works. always says wifi not working. plus it cheats and freezes half the time

Repetitive questions

I’ve only been playing a week and I started getting repeat questions on the second day. Now I’ve gotten repeat questions multiple times. It takes the fun out of the game and gives an unfair advantage to players who’ve gotten the same questions over and over.

It’s cool but....

My app constantly crashes, especially after my third game playing. It upsets me because it makes me spend a ticket, crashes and leaves me money and ticketless.

Glitch City!!!!

This game needs to have some serious work done... don’t get me wrong it’s a nice game but unfortunately it takes your tickets when the game starts to glitch and when you get out to come back in your tokens and tickets have been taken in the middle of your game play!! Very dissatisfied with this in particular !!


If you are a fan of Family Feud do not download this game as it has the most ridiculous of answers. Honestly this game is just a big money pit in form of micro transactions. I repeat DO NOT DOWNLOAD this game.

Delete button

For the love of god fix the keyboard!! This game is trash.. same questions over and over and good luck typing anything with this makeshift keyboard. Ha!


I’m a Family Fued fanatic and this game is a horrible representation of the show! It incorrectly deducts points for wrong answers, then at the end the answer revealed is what you typed in. It takes forever to regain plays. Also it freezes which allows opponents to win. I’m glad its a free app because I would never pay for this garbage. If I could rate it zero stars I would

Sometimes addicting but often frustrating

The question was something like, “What table food would a dog like?” I answered steak and got a big X. When they revealed the answers, the number one answer was STEAK TARTAR. Are you kidding me?? There is NO way that many people said steak tartar and even if they did, you can’t give it to me when I say steak??

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