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Not getting coins when watching videos

I love this game, play it multiple times a day. All of a sudden every time I watch a video to earn more coins, nothing is happening. And when I go to tap joy and download games to get more coins. Nothing happens. Not happy at all.


Challenging n fun

Waste of time

To many glitches. Doesn't reward coins when you actually win. Or the game will just start over and keep your coins and ticket. Very annoying.

Very fun!

Omg I love this game! Keeps you on point with speed and accuracy! & it's an easy way to meet new people! I love it!

Owes Me Coins

When the app crashes in the middle of a round which it does way too often, your coins are forfeited and they need to have a way to reimburse you. I HATE IT. However, it's a really fun app. FIX IT

Addicting but annoying

This game is very fun and addicting. But there are a couple things that need improvement: It is really slow, I'll submit an answer and it will not tell me if it's right or wrong for sometimes 10 seconds. The clock still runs and it is a big issue when there is a time constraint. Also it takes a very long time to switch rounds. Another thing would be the placement of the backspace button. It is not where one would be on a typical keyboard and I think that it would be helpful if it was. Last but least concerning improvement is I often get repeated questions

Fun game

Wish I could play with my friends though. I do like how it's live!


Love it!

Fun but needs work

It's fun and addicting however . I have no idea what the Coins are accumulating for, I mean they don't seem to give me extra tickets and also it doesn't recognize words that are synonyms, so sometimes you gave the correct answer but different word.



Fun game!

It is fun to play the Fued with different people. They are nice and the game is very enjoyable.


Easy to download and start playing right away.

I like it

Me and my wife play this when we are both at work (lol) it's fun


I've enjoyed playing!

Love it

Can't stop won't stop love challenges 5 star for me 🤗🤗

Amazing game so you should play it

So wonderful

Luv luv this game

I really enjoy playing family feud jus havin trouble uploading photos

Crashes all the time and makes me lose my coins

I'm so beyond irritated with this game. I really enjoy it and it's a good way to kill a little bit of time. I'm sick and tired of losing my coins when the game crashes in the middle of a game. It's crashed so many times I've gone from 20,000 coins to now I have 5. I thought maybe an update would fix it but nope. Unfortunately, this game has to go.


I lost 6,500 chips in 2 minutes because the game would kick me out. It's unbelievable! I'm in the middle of playing and typing my answer and it just kicks me out.


Okay so I don't seem to have any coins. It must be a glitch of some sort? Even when I collect free coins, nothing shows. It stays at zero. So maybe if you could get your team of specialists to check it out for me that'd be great. Thanks so very extremely much.

Used to be fun (coins disappearing)

Very irritated. I have twelve thousand something coins. I played for a 1500 bet and lost and had ten thousand and something. Played for 1500 again and won. Should have been back up to twelve thousand but it was just ten. I clicked 1500 just now and it put me in a 6000 game. Took me to 4000 and some odd coins and I lost. Now I have six hundred and something. Does not make sense. Guess I will uninstall.


It's much harder than the original game for iPhone. Answers need to be too specific. You'll win like 2 games out of 10. Takes the fun out of it.

Facebook sign in

I got this app to play with my friends only to see you have to sign in with Facebook. Without a Facebook you have to play as a guest and can't look people up by email like with other apps. Not everyone likes/has a Facebook! Signing in with email should be an option for us who don't like/use Facebook. We still want to play our friends!

Answers need to be too specific

Question was 'name a place you'd avoid if don't like standing in line' I started typing amusement and tapped enter and I was wrong because it wasn't amusement parks. That's one specific time but is happened several times. It's irritating and I'm deleting the app.


I'm addicted to playing! I've got my friends playing and it doesn't cost tickets that way!

Freezes and crashes a lot

This game freezes and stops playing. This makes you lose tickets and coins you need to play game. I love the game- I am even paying $4.95 month to be vip player because I like it. I do NOT like the number of times it crashes. Fix these please,

Fun but can get buggy

I love playing. Once in awhile it'll get buggy and you lose your coins.

Best game ever!!

Like the title says!!!

Need to wrk on bettering the connection and I'll definitely give it 5 stars

Need to make connection much more better that it'll not lose connection and I'll definitely give it 5 stars

So happy

So happy my fav game shows are apps now! This and Wheel of Fortune! Love them! Keep the updates coming also so the community can enjoy!

A good addiction!

A game I don't mind being addicted to. Great for road trips and playing as a family! I recommend this game to people of ALL ages!!

Good Concept..Bad Performance

This game constantly shuts down/restarts while playing. This is very frustrating because you lose your coins and you never have an opportunity to finish the game! 🙁

It's cool

I love playing it makes me feel so happy one day I want to be on family feud and meet Steve Harvey


Great way to pass time


It's fun but I can't connect to Facebook for some reason


Love it


This is kind of a fun game but it's pretty frustrating. You can type in, as an example, 'wait by the door' XXX. Nope. But 'sit by the door is an answer. Freaking ridiculous. Happens all the time.

Boo to Facebook Component

Awesome game! Fun, addicting and well-run app. However, I HATE the fact that you have to be on Facebook in order to play VIP versions of the game. I don't have a Facebook, nor do I want one, and I don't feel that fact should detract from my ability to play certain versions/additions of the game.

Great game

Some bugs in the system but overall good game

Good game

I hate this game but I continue to play it for some reason.

Please fix the bugs

Crashing....A LOT! I have a love hate relationship with this game....

So much fun!!!

I love this game. U can meet ppl and play them or play against ur friends.

Needs Improvement!!

Fun game but it won't let me log into Facebook and it's super annoying!! Please fix it!! Thank you😊


Pretty cool game

So much fun!

I love this app, it's great for the entire family! I just love it!!

Great game

Love it!!

Addicting and fun feud time

I love that you can play this irt with other ppl. You know they are trying to guess same as you at the same time and a race to see who is fastest. It does sometimes not recognize obviously related answers which can be frustrating but it sometimes also bends to give you answers that you weren't exactly going for. You have to have enough space on your device so it can run - if it stops working it's because you are out of space on your device. Overall - it's time to play the feud! Good answer. Good answer.

Freezes and Disconnects

It seems about one in ten rounds I play will either freeze up or kick me from the server. The worst part is you don't get your coins or tickets returned to you. So, you pay 75,000 coins to play, you get kicked from the server, and you end up 75,000 coins poorer without even getting to play!


Love this game!! So much fun for the entire family! Everyone is involved 👏🏻👍🏼

Fun but needs work

It's fun but it doesn't recognize like words and if you get a phone's over, you lose

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