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I used to like this game

It makes it hard to win when you lose points every time you guess wrong other than that it was fun. I would rather not play then guess all the answers first but still not win goes a tried a few guess and they were wrong.

Terrible cheat!

I just won 50,000 coins. Instead of awarding them, it kept all of it and started "buffering" conveniently. Don't waste your time. It's not even letting me send this review. I've tried 10 times!

Fun with the entire family!

My kids and I sit around and play this game together for hours. It’s fun and challenging!


The game frequently freezes and doesn’t let you enter in answers and then steels all the points!!! Very frustrating.

Steals your money awful should be sued

If i could rate this no stars I would !!! This game steals your money !!! You buy coins with your real hard earn money and if you start to play and lose internet connection or your phone goes to sleep mode while waiting for the game to load you lose those coins before the game even started or even in the game and there is no way to get it back. So you payed for coins you lost due to issues out of your control and then there is no way to go back and the game doesn’t automatically give them back. This is stealing and they should be sued for this. I lost $10 because of it. My message to you DO NOT GET THIS APP. And if you do please sue them if this happens to you. Oh and i forgot to mention while playing the timer runs out and the question they ask never changed so you end up losing and thats another way of losing your money without getting a chance to play.

It’s fun, BUT...

This is fun, but I gave 3 stars because I hate the fact that you have to have a ticket to play a game and you only get 1 ticket per hour!!! This is their way of getting you to spend money in the app and I hate that! Just play ads like other games. Also, the timer keeps ticking out the game freezes sometimes and has cost me to lose a game. Another thing is the keyboard does not match your phone’s keyboard so it makes it difficult to input answers quickly.

Needs to update questions weakly.

It’s great but when the questions repeat it gets old quick.


Fun. I love the holiday/event questions. I wish we could watch adds to get free tickets. I hate waiting because they run out.

Kicked me out

Ap won’t connect to Facebook. Only way to fix it is to reinstall daily. Somehow it’s not recognizing the Facebook ap. Hope it gets fixed.

excellent app!!!

loads of fun!!!


If they loose they leave

Keeps crashing

Please fix.. what fun is a game that doesn’t work?

Fun but pisses me off

Fix the goddamn keyboard. Anytime I'm typing it is nowhere near responsive enough and it will either skip letters or repeat them! That and an answer for what would someone wear right clothing for... apparently working out and exercising have "nothing" in common!!! Whoever has the autism making this game needs to not work with the answers because that right there is what makes people delete the game and give bad reviews.

Great but glitches

Awesome game. Love playing it but sometimes you give an answer like movie and it says your wrong and then watching a movie is up there or wedding is your answer and it’s wrong and marriage is the answer. Gets on my nerves. Other than that it’s a great game

Addicting but Annoying

Agree with all they said.


I AGREE 100%. I am not a fan of Facebook playing, I just want to play the game IN THE GAME, not connect to this and that and so on, ugh, super annoying. Ps-what's the point of all of the coins? I want tickets to play, I can watch a 15 second video and get 300 free coins so how do I buy tickets with my coins? THATS SOMETHING THEY DONT ANSWER OR HAVE DIRECTION FOR ANYWHERE!

Fun game but app is trash

This app is complete garbage... it's always just going black, lagging and your always losing coins because of it.... I like the game but I can't keep playing like this.......

Questions are terrible

The questions are terrible or repeated constantly. The questions are so vague the answer could be anything and some of the answers don’t make any sense.

Good in theory

There needs to be a way to disable messaging, or some other solution, for the women out there who like to play Family Feud and not deal with men who use the app like it’s Tinder. Almost every guy that invited me to play quickly messaged me about my picture, asking if I’m married, where I live, and flirting instead of wanting to play the game. Very annoying!

F*cking awesome


Needs work

The keyboard is slow and you make a ton of spelling mistakes. The answers are too specific. I wrote "dr appointment" but they wanted "doctor appointment" I wrote "chew" And they wanted "chew stuff". Needs work. Deleting the app.

Love it but

if I had to change languages ​​out spectacular

Poor keyboard and answers

To call the keyboard inadequate is an understatement, for a game about speed if you type faster than one letter a minute on the games keyboard you'll get all kinds of errors. Be it double letters because you switched to the second letter too fast or the letter not showing up at all. You'll have the answer and get it second because you forgot that you have to type like a 200 year old man with Parkinson's disease. Then you may get the answer right but it'll be wrong because they want it plural or they used some random 1860s euphemism of the word. So while the game could be fun the fact you can't use the stock keyboard or that you may have been born sometime in the 1900s means that you'll be too frustrated to keep playing.


This game is horrible on the iPad mini. Once I bet a certain amount of coins especially a large bet and start a new game then after a few seconds the game freezes and the app shuts off. When I put the game back on then I noticed that I lost out on a lot of coins because the game shuts off unexpectantly. I do not get my coins back once that happens. That is a big waste of coins and that is why I am glad I did not purchased those coins. It’s a good thing they give some coins away for free.

Super fun but......

This game is super fun, but there are a few problems that merit giving it only 3 stars. For one, it’s selections of questions is very limited. I constantly get repeat questions. When that happens I easily beat my opponent. When I myself get toasted I have not doubt the same thing has happened to them. The other issue is it is glitchy AF!!!


It's much harder than the original game for iPhone. Answers need to be too specific. You'll win like 2 games out of 10. Takes the fun out of it. Also I think some the players are fake. I lost several games in a row even though I thought I played well. Just seems extremely rigged.

Can't refill

When I try to refill the 5 plays it says "it has already been purchased and will be restored for free". But, it doesn't and I have to wait until time passes to get 1 per hour.


It's really fun and realistic!😊

Love it

Tons of fun

People google answers to get perfect score

I 100% agree with other reviewer.. most opponents get perfect score. So either the questions are repeated or players google them. It’s no fun!!


Game keeps lagging and causes me to lose each round. I think it's also rigged because sometimes I'll type an answer and get it wrong, but then it'll be up there when the round is over. It might be slightly different, for example, it might have an added word like "it" or "the" in front of the answer. But then other times I'll type an answer, get it right, but it'll be a totally different answer on the board. And I wonder how my answer is related. It's annoying.

"Bad connection"

This is the only game that crashes and "loses connection", conveniently when I'm on a roll and bet big. It's seems to be a trend in the reviews. It is highly frustrating that we lose our ticket and coins in a game we don't get to finish. Please fix this. Someone was also complaining about "cheaters"; I personally don't have problems with this, though I will admit, I've played this quite a bit that I've memorized rounds; not cheating, just repeat questions. Switch it up and add new questions.


It always crashes and you don't get your tickets... the questions repeat, and when I say bugs ... the answers are specific like spiders or roaches. Not really fair... overall it's addicting.. just wish it was better

Crashes at the worst times

Game seems to crash as soon as a game starts. No rebate for money paid to play match. No bueno.

Not getting coins when watching videos

I love this game, play it multiple times a day. All of a sudden every time I watch a video to earn more coins, nothing is happening. And when I go to tap joy and download games to get more coins. Nothing happens. Not happy at all.


Challenging n fun

Waste of time

To many glitches. Doesn't reward coins when you actually win. Or the game will just start over and keep your coins and ticket. Very annoying.

Very fun!

Omg I love this game! Keeps you on point with speed and accuracy! & it's an easy way to meet new people! I love it!

Owes Me Coins

When the app crashes in the middle of a round which it does way too often, your coins are forfeited and they need to have a way to reimburse you. I HATE IT. However, it's a really fun app. FIX IT

Addicting but annoying

This game is very fun and addicting. But there are a couple things that need improvement: It is really slow, I'll submit an answer and it will not tell me if it's right or wrong for sometimes 10 seconds. The clock still runs and it is a big issue when there is a time constraint. Also it takes a very long time to switch rounds. Another thing would be the placement of the backspace button. It is not where one would be on a typical keyboard and I think that it would be helpful if it was. Last but least concerning improvement is I often get repeated questions

Fun game

Wish I could play with my friends though. I do like how it's live!


Love it!

Fun but needs work

It's fun and addicting however . I have no idea what the Coins are accumulating for, I mean they don't seem to give me extra tickets and also it doesn't recognize words that are synonyms, so sometimes you gave the correct answer but different word.



Fun game!

It is fun to play the Fued with different people. They are nice and the game is very enjoyable.


Easy to download and start playing right away.

I like it

Me and my wife play this when we are both at work (lol) it's fun


I've enjoyed playing!

Love it

Can't stop won't stop love challenges 5 star for me 🤗🤗

Amazing game so you should play it

So wonderful

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