Family Feud® Live! Отзывы пользователей

Only Download if You’re Bored!

This app is NOTHING LIKE FAMILY FEUD! It often loses connection and so any coins you spent to compete are wasted. Other times, when opening the app, it takes up to 3 minutes to even load. Lastly, you aren’t even competing against real people! My boyfriend and I were sitting next to each other and playing the game, and we were competing against the SAME EXACT PERSON. Lastly, the game allows you and other people to send messages back and forth, and some people on the app are real creeps. There were a few guys asking for my social media and harassing me, asking where I’m from etc. So I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone who really loves Family Feud the show.

App not working

So far it was good but now I can’t open the app it kicks me out and if I delete the app I loose all my point. What can I do. I really enjoy this game and wouldn’t want to start all over again. Please fix the glitch

You play the Computer not Users so it is rigged for users to lose

Was fun up until I realized the higher coins put up You just play a computer and not another user . They then take your coins so you pay for more. They happen to get an awnser to give them the lead in the last second of the round or they literally get every awnser if you get all but one . Pretty much rigged so you can lose.

Too slow

Would be 5 stars but it takes too long to download. Please fix this!!!

It cheats!!

All of a sudden, with just a few seconds left, the other player suddenly has hundreds of points.


I have spent some of my own money to buy coins. It never fails , almost daily family feud loses connection. I have spent 40 thousand coins on a couple of games to lose it all because of the connection!! This is the only game that causes that problem! It’s frustrating!!

Loading problem

Never wants to load.. I have service and my phone is fast! Every other app loads except this one.. it takes forever to load!


this app never works. always says wifi not working. plus it cheats and freezes half the time

Repetitive questions

I’ve only been playing a week and I started getting repeat questions on the second day. Now I’ve gotten repeat questions multiple times. It takes the fun out of the game and gives an unfair advantage to players who’ve gotten the same questions over and over.

It’s cool but....

My app constantly crashes, especially after my third game playing. It upsets me because it makes me spend a ticket, crashes and leaves me money and ticketless.

Glitch City!!!!

This game needs to have some serious work done... don’t get me wrong it’s a nice game but unfortunately it takes your tickets when the game starts to glitch and when you get out to come back in your tokens and tickets have been taken in the middle of your game play!! Very dissatisfied with this in particular !!


If you are a fan of Family Feud do not download this game as it has the most ridiculous of answers. Honestly this game is just a big money pit in form of micro transactions. I repeat DO NOT DOWNLOAD this game.

Delete button

For the love of god fix the keyboard!! This game is trash.. same questions over and over and good luck typing anything with this makeshift keyboard. Ha!


I’m a Family Fued fanatic and this game is a horrible representation of the show! It incorrectly deducts points for wrong answers, then at the end the answer revealed is what you typed in. It takes forever to regain plays. Also it freezes which allows opponents to win. I’m glad its a free app because I would never pay for this garbage. If I could rate it zero stars I would

Sometimes addicting but often frustrating

The question was something like, “What table food would a dog like?” I answered steak and got a big X. When they revealed the answers, the number one answer was STEAK TARTAR. Are you kidding me?? There is NO way that many people said steak tartar and even if they did, you can’t give it to me when I say steak??


I like the game but it glitches all the time and then you lose a ticket


I am disappointed with this app. I enjoy family feud but I have two problems with this app. 1. I have played numerous games and then the app itself has kicked me off the game. I then lose the coins AND ticket I put into the game. I have lost at least 5 tickets and 20,000+ coins. 2. Some of the answers are dumb and others don’t type it in when you answer something very similar. For example, if I type in “wife/husband”, it may not come up, but it will come up for the answer “spouse” which is essentially the SAME THING Overall the game isn’t bad but there are some serious flaws


Answers are all over the place and many don’t make sense. Otherwise, moderately amusing game.

Needs Better phrase and word recognition in relevance to answers.

I answered several answers that weren’t recognized as correct but came up as an answer with more words involved. Ex: Hardships in moving. I said friends the answer was new friends. 😡😤

Family Feud is cheater!!!!!!!!

So for example, let’s say there were 5 answers and I got all five. No wrong answers!!! But my opponent came along and had 2 wrong answers. But guess who won? My opponent! I would have rated this five but I didn’t. Overall, good game. Tickets ruin game. Buy it😊😊😊

Stupid game from hell

If I had my choice I wouldn't give this even a HALF of a star. Let alone a full one. This is the most pointless game I have EVER played. I hope enough people either uninstall it or don't install it to where you have to take this gam off the store.


It constantly freezes says “no connection” and I have all bars even WiFi that’s great connection. It’s probably stolen over 2000 coins since it won’t pick up where it supposedly froze and takes forever to open again!

I love this game

Great way to relax and very addictive

You have to pay and the answers are STUPID.

“Things you would find a pool party.” The number one answer was a pool. DONE.

Always a connection error!

Every time I play this game, I lose a ticket because of a connection error. LIES! I’m on WiFi and sitting next to the router! How Sway?! How?! Impossible! Deleted!

Rip off

Paid $5 for VIP was supposed to get 12 tickets automatically. Never happened

Loses connection

This game ALWAYS loses connection in the middle of a game. So annoying!! I know its not my wifi because it doesnt matter where I am, I will be in the middle of a game and then it says “connection lost retry”! Please fix this issue!

Cheats you out of coins

This game cheats you out of coins. When I had 4 or more tickets, I would watch my coins suddenly vanish and get ads to buy more coins. Then when I would win rounds/games, it never increased my bank. It stayed the same. If you add your social media profile ( Read the turns & agreement) they are just selling your information. Don’t waste your time!


Yeah, I held off on a review for a while but I’m over it. The game is TRASH! •You get 5 tickets to start with...takes 1 hour for each ticket to generate. •You get asked the same questions over and over again Both of those things are annoying but THE MOST ANNOYING THING ABOUT THIS GAME IS THE ANSWERS. Please tell me how “get drunk” and “throw a surprise party” are the same answers? When doing the fast money rounds, you and another player will get the same questions but not at the same time. Which means they have an opportunity to get the best answer. Of course there are no duplicate answers so if you don’t get the number one answer you will likely get a 0 for the answer you chose. And the number one answers are OBVIOUS... Name something that might be stored on a boat? An obvious answer would be a life vest... say anything other than that and you get zero.

Crashes a lot

This app crashes a lot and takes your tickets and coins then you don’t get to play the round it wasted your coins and ticket on. Takes hours to earn more tickets to play for free.


Every time I win it gives my coins and points to my opponent what gives get better or I delete

Can't even play!

To start playing, I have to either buy coins or watch ads. I wouldn't have downloaded if I had realized that!

just like other games no just no

you know what this crap really just gets on my nerves I have a bunch of problems I can't even count number one this game is not accessible have you ever thought about blind people wanting to play such as me ha ha of course not a problem to actually there is only one problem but you could've been one of them actually thinks about other people like this this this is this this right here this is what I hate none of the developers actually think about blind people except for the ones that make audio games so until further notice I'm going to delete this app and other blind people after I encourage you not to download this app unless you can see a little bit because this is not helpful to blind people this app is not accessible I cannot stand when people do this these developers don't think about The whole community and I wish I didn't have to give it any stars because if I didn't have to give it zero stars

Annoying and time wasting!!!

This game was made very poorly. First off In the middle of a game it freezes and kicks me off and I lose my coins. This happens 80% or the time!! Some of their questions seem to be repetitive. I’ll guess the right answer it buzzes me and at the end of it, it was the right answer.... what the heck is that!!!! When playing fast money if I guess the number one answer I should get the same amount of points even if my opponent guesses it first. I love family feud but if this continues I’ll have delete this game. It’s more aggravating than entertaining. Please please update some of these issues.


I usually answer all the questions and the other team never answer and yet I lose sometime when the other team never answers. There are no rules written as for the scoring. Awful app!!!

Not a good game

I’m only on level 5 and the game is already repeating the same questions with the same answers way too much. If you like banging your head against a wall trying to figure out why “chips” and “snacks” don’t work, (name something you’d buy from a gas station), pedestrian and person, (name something a bike rider may hit), fire and torch, (name something you’d use to fend off wild animals), then this game is for you. It is quite simply, very redundant.

Variable responses

I've put in answers that would've been a given on the show... Such as i put laser beam... The answer was laser... It gave me the red x.... This needs to be exactly like the TV show. Plus the fast money round should be included in the game instead of being separate. The family fued on the wii is way better.........i deleted this junk asap

What the heck?!

What the heck happened to this app?? The same questions over and over. The questions are STUPID! And the answers are even WORSE! WHO ON EARTH ARE YOU ASKING TO GET THE ANSWERS? This app didn't used to be like this. I'm deleting it!

Another scammy game

I was enjoying this game for the most part until just barely, I was in the middle of playing and about to win and it says “connection error” the entire game was lost and none of my coins refunded. There was no connection error this is what all the scam apps do. Also when I watch a video to earn coins they don’t always give you the coins that they claim you will receive. I have had repeated questions multiple times even though I just started playing a few days ago and on the fast money round I put a word that means the same thing as what the other person put yet I get 0 points and they get 40 or so points, I have had this happen multiple times. With all this being said all these things combined make me not trust the game and I’m sure it’s most likely rigged for you to win or lose to try to get you to spend real money.

Not Great

The questions are pretty dumb. The answers are even worse. There are better Family Feud games in the App Store

Very repetitive

Same over and over and I won’t say rigged but you can definitely see the other side has an advantage a lot but a decent time killer


Hey Kept saying the signal was messed up and it wasn’t. We kept getting kicked out and it kept saying you have to connect to Facebook


I never leave reviews, but this app is constantly saying i have no connection, when I do!! And then i end up losing my coins. PLEASE FIX.

In love

I love this gam so much just wish we didn’t have to wait a hour for a ticket


My opponent can get 0 answers and win the game! How?? Takes the fun out of the game.

it doesn’t work??

i think this app will eventually be great but the developers or whoever really need to fix what’s wrong with the app. can’t get through one full game before the game freezes and then shuts down. or sometimes you will type an answer and it will say it’s wrong but then the exact same thing shows up on the board at the end, and the keyboard is really weird too it takes me forever to type on it


Easy questions please!!!


This game is riveting and challenging. I like how questions aren’t always recycled. However I do feel at times that I’m being short changed - the free spins somehow always end up on the least amount of coins no matter how long or short you wait to stop the wheel. Also, at times when I lose service, I lose coins but if you email the support team, they’re willing to help.



Family Fued

Love this game very entertaining

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