Family Feud® Live! Отзывы пользователей

Needs an upgrade

I wanted to give a good review because I love Family Feud, but it’s been disconnecting a lot for me during play. It would just say it couldn’t connect to “Retry” and when i retry , it disconnects me from Facebook log in and puts me back on the main screen. It does not put me back where I stopped or replace the coins I used and lost due to the app randomly disconnecting for no reason. I’ve lost a lot of chips without even playing because of disconnection and just not I lost a sticker medal from winning third level on a tournament. I was on the last level when it randomly disconnect and threw me out.




I gave this game a two 1. You have tickets you only have 5 so like to be able to play 6 games it would take 6 minutes 2. It cost the coins and the tickets like if it’s just a classic then spend the coins but if it’s a tournament then cost a ticket well that’s how it should be

Owned by Facebook?

Played 10 times. Won 10 times. Had plenty of coins but then it said I couldn’t play unless I bought tickets. So I liked the game enough to pay real $$$ for continued play, unfortunately, tickets aren’t for sale. The only way to get tickets is to log into Facebook. What? I don’t have a Facebook account, and I don’t want one. Oh well.

Love but glitches

I LOVE this game but it glitches a TON. It’s constantly freezing my phone or when a new round is coming up it won’t let me type & takes away from my time. Also, you can say something like “old” and it says no yet “old age” is up there. Gosh, how specific do you need to be.

Too many glitches

Keeps booting me out during tournaments.

Awesome Game

Just like the TV show! I could play all day long!


The question was “Name a reason a 13 year might break up with her boyfriend”. First thing I put was “Cheater”. Game said I was wrong. Then I put “Cheated” because I thought it was another one of those “gotta hit it right on the head” answer situations. Again it said I got it wrong. So I sit there in shame as the clock runs down and ultimately lose because the #1 answer was “Infidelity”... I almost cracked my phone in half all because the app can’t figure out how to give you correct answers for synonyms. Fix it!


Has been very buggy lately and kicks me out of the app RIGHT after starting a game for a lot of coins. Annoying.

Fun But needs some stuff fixed

It’s a fun game But the keyboard needs to be wider and the timer isn’t long enough. The answers are a little out of wack as well. But major thing is the keyboard is not wide enough!

This game is suspect!

- Game crashes. - Takes forever to load at times. - Answers you put are wrong, but will be in the board when revealing answers. - The way some of the questions are worded make it difficult to guess answers. - definitely played my against bots not real people it seems.

Enjoy very much

Fun Addictive A good time killer if traveling.

Needs work but I love it

It keeps losing connection right in the middle of my games and half the time i don’t get my coins back. I use to barely ever happen now it’s happening all the time.

Family Feud

They get over on you with your winnings. Not cool and you have to have Facebook in order to get more tickets 🙄😒

Kind of fun

I feel as if there should be better answers and not such detailed responses. Sometimes when I’m playing with someone it’s like there is either one answer or no answer. For example, one question I was asked was how would you open something if you had no bottle opened. The opponent said knife and got like 60 points I said your shirt and got nothing. I understand knife being a higher point answer but to say that using your shirt (which I believe is very common) isn’t worth anything gets annoying. It’s happened on so many occasions. And as far as detailed responses it’s like it matters whether or not you would say “phone” as compared to “your phone” which causes me to lose more points than I would like to hope. Otherwise the game is pretty good and I do enjoy playing it.

Not enough tickets

They should give more than 5 tickets to play at a time! But super fun to play


Not realistic nor resembles real game


This game sound like a good idea but it gives you horrible questions with horrible answers. Also you have to type in EXACTLY what the answer is. One of the questions was name something a parent might compare their child to. I said potato but the game said couch potato instead. Bad

Fix the Keyboard

The competition itself is fun with the live head-to-head matches. Some of the categories are totally ridiculous. “Name something most people prefer to be hard.” 🙄 Yeah, good luck with that one, folks. The most annoying aspect of this game is the keyboard. The layout of the keys seems “off” and leads to a frustrating amount of misspellings under time constraints. Lost several matches because the keyboard is wonky. At the very least, it would help if the game accomodated a horizontal orientation so the keyboard was a little larger.

Two things

It needs a pause button even though it's not in the real family feud most people can't play 30 min-1 hour straight and 2 it needs to be more like the real game.

Garbage! Get ready for this longgg review.

THEY ASK THE SAME QUESTIONS! I have personally never seen any 2 family feud episodes with the same questions (and i have pretty much seen all of them). So there should be no way I have seen the same questions and i only had the app for a week. Another thing most of the questions are so stupid. Like name a weapon on the game clue. Fist of all how tf can you assume everybody has played clue to even ask such a specific question. Nevertheless, I still tried with answers like gun & knife. They said no to knife and at the end of course knife was one of the answers. That type of stuff is so annoying, basically giving away coins. You also need the fingers of a mouse to type on the keyboard. Lastly on fast money you should be able to answer a question with the same answer as your opponent. We are not on the same team like on the real feud so those rules should not apply. I feel like the people who made this didn’t even base it off of the real family feud and have never seen the show in their lives. The End



Fix the Keyboard!!!!

Horrible keyboard and incredibly slow to load. Fun, but those issues are so annoying!!!

Great concept, terrible execution

Words and phrases don’t work. Like “spit out your tongue” doesn’t recognize as “stick out your tongue” or writing “looks” instead of “appearance” doesn’t register so it honestly is kind of a game of chance at that point. Will your answer be accepted? Also- if your internet times out right as you win, you won’t get your winnings and lose your ante. Don’t EVER EVER EVER pay your own money in this game. It freezes and blacks out so much that you have a high chance of it taking your cash and not giving you tickets.

Would be better if it worked correctly

This game is super fun, but often times an internet connection is lost and you lose coins and lose the game. Also when you play it’ll glitch and say some already selected your answer even after you choose something else. Lastly the timer seems to move even though the question will be stuck giving you a very late start which could cost you the game. Please fix these issues.

Internet connection.

It always looses connection😡😡😡

I don’t have Facebook

I dislike that you have to have a Facebook to be given a chance to continue to play.

Not working correctly

It was a great game until it freezes the app closes I was playing and i won it never rewarded me with my coins I closed the app opened it again and it said I have 0 tickets and 0 coins it just stole them... very disappointing when I spend my time playing this game earning coins and it’s just gone !

Can never get through a whole game without it kicking me out

I have not gotten through an entire game without this disconnecting me and taking my coins. It is so frustrating. I don't know what happens when I get to the end because it's impossible to do so.

Fun, but major login issues

To play this game correctly and keep an ongoing score, you must sign in with Facebook. What about those of us that do not use face book? Why can’t we create an account and play as usual. Very disappointed in this issue with the game. Not every one uses Facebook. Please correct this...

Fun but...

This game takes so long to load and if it isn’t being incredibly slow.. it’s glitching and making it impossible to play or win the rounds. Not sure how this game is rated at 4 stars because if you look through all the reviews.. you will see more negative than good. Plus, the keyboard on there is a nightmare.. they should make it more like the iPhone keyboard or something. I’ll stick to the tv or the board game i guess.


So the things is the game can be fun when functioning properly. It’s a shame that when the game force closes out all of a sudden, they don’t give those coins back. I hate that if you don’t log in with your Facebook - then u have to wait an eternity for tickets to enter the game. Lastlyyyyy it’s finicky with answers . It sometimes wants you to be extremely specific or very vague. No Middle grounds!! For example it asked “ name something a hotel maid would have in there cart” I said windex, duster - it denied it, then later said cleaning supplies - like REALLY isn’t that what I meant? Or cellphone vs phone! So that’s annoying. This game needs to get it together because it could be GREAT.

Best game ever!!!!!!!

So much freaking fun! I love this game more than my mom!! I’m starting a church of family feud soon

Crashes at the most ~convenient~ times

Great but twice already have I won the fast money round and the app closed at soon as I was supposed to receive my coins from it. Not cool

Waste of time

Dumbest game ever made, unrealistic answers to the questions. Question don’t make sense half the time. Have to answer the questions as if you had a none existent IQ.

Family fued

I love this game


Great games I like the respectful competition!! Thank you

Fun but needs lots of improvements

1. Ticket system just needs an overall reevaluation 2. Answers to a lot of questions are REALLY dated. It’s 2018 and a lot of answers sound like they come from the 80’s. 3. Answers are really annoying sometimes. Like the most obvious/weird answers to a question. Again this goes with the above, like they only took answers from a specific type of person as the norm, who has outdated/old ideas about things. 4. Keyboard is glitchy. 5. When you have questions that have someones name the names pop up automatically so the answers show up right away, not much of a challenge. 6. Need more synonyms as answers, like money=finances, doctor=hospital, etc.

Tf is with these answers

Why is Kids always a answer. Like legit these answers are so stupid.

Only app with terrible connection

I love this game and always wonder why I don’t have it downloaded when I see it. I then download it and remember why immediately. This is the ONLY app I have that always says it has lost connection. Either it cuts out in the middle of a game or takes my coins and tickets to just lose connection before playing and take my coins and tickets anyways. No matter of WiFi or data it does it no matter what. I don’t understand how this is still not fixed considering I have gone back and forth downloading and deleting it for years. I know it is the app because not one of my other apps do this and some use much more resources than this one.

Fun but...

This game is fun at first but there are too many repeat questions and silly answers. When I've played a board before, it's so easy to beat the opponent. When someone else crushes me, I know they've played the board as well. They need to come up with more questions to keep my interest

Keyboard Blows

I love Family Feud and watch it religiously. I like to think that I am a pretty good guess most of the time, however, the keyboard is so small I am constantly mishitting keys or completely missing a key. I would suggest allowing players to use the landscape mode instead of only portrait so that the keys are bigger on the keyboard.


NEED A WAY TO SIGN IN BESIDES FACEBOOK! Maybe just type your name in some sort of small profile setup! Maybe even have your wins and losses record visible to others! Tickets are in need of faster way to earn them also!!

Hate it. Crashes 95% of the time.

Same as other reviews. Very fun But loses connection and you lose your coins. Fix it please!

What's going on

I've been trying since yesterday to log on and it just keeps trying to load. Fix this quick!!

Huge waste of time

Don’t waste your time downloading this game. I connected it to my Facebook account to see if any of my friends were using it. The game started and after I answered the first question it stopped working and went back to the beginning. After several more tries it would not work at all. I have an iPhone 7plus so it should work but it didn’t. I would not recommend this app nor this developer to anyone.

Money stealer

I spent 4.99 and I ran out of tickets after 5 games. If you win you will still run out of tickets to play . Shady. Do not buy. I muss the old feud games that no longer work.

This game is horible

Absolute trash, horrible. Pointless game. The developers do not care about customer satisfaction, they only care about money.

Needs update!!!

Same poll questions!!!


This will take your coins!! Bogus answers!

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