Family Feud® Live! Отзывы пользователей

Disappointment and waste of your time

Garbage. If you wanna lose every time because some old lady sits on her phone all day and plays this then go ahead it’s not even worth your time

Fun but

It really funny and amusing game but why do I lose points for wrong answers thats the most thing I hate in this game

Needs major overhaul

First of all I don’t do Facebook. This game requires that you connect to a Facebook account. You play as a guest until that time. I refuse to be forced into signing up for FB. They allow you to play a hand full of “classic” games before stating for a purchase of $2.99 or waiting 15 minutes for more games. The questions and answers are horrible. This needs a family overhaul.

Fix your annoying game

So yeah, fix your annoying game. It crashed, so stupid. You know how much I lost because of your stupid bug? 20k. I demand it back. I have a video of myself losing and your game crashing.

Keyboard too BIG, same questions etc...

A lot of setbacks and flaws on this game. Not fun at all!

Lol not good at all

Lol apparently it’s not up to date Ditching doesn’t mean skipping class and pooping doesn’t mean going bathroom lol I can’t I just can’t 🤦🏻‍♂️ please fix this and some questions are repeated and also fix the wording for some questions u don’t even know what it’s asking


I literally lost 3 games in a row because of a bad server... I am on my wi-fi, this games servers are horrible!! The worse part is it is a bet based game and when you get kicked you lose your bet... I have had this downloaded for half hour. And lost half my games due to being kicked from bad server... worse game I ever played because of it!!

Love this game!

So fun! So addictive! I love it. Only thing I’d change, that you can use your coins for tickets. Otherwise it’s the best I play it all the time! Also you shouldn’t have to wait so long for tickets. 5 hours for a whole refill. It should be a five minute wait for each ticket.

Fun but freezes often

It’s very fun but never fails freezes right when the game is almost over!


literally the only answers that work are the ones that show up on the little list above and i hate it. no matter what the word is, if its on the list, it works

Too Many Vague Questions

This is a good game and all, but 9 times out of 10, you're gonna come across these questions that are so vague, that literally any answer will do. The only way to get a clue as to what it's talking about is to spend money on a hint.

A very rigged game

Where do I start? First, the game is fixed. They make you lose so you're forced to spend money. On Fast Money mode, more often than not, when I get to question 5, the answer is "already taken", and every time it's the number one answer worth about 60 points to the opponent. When an answer is "already taken", why isn't it ever worth, say, 8 points? Nope, it's the number one answer and you lose every time. Second, it's not even the real "Family Fued" game. Lastly, it's one of those games where each play costs a ticket and they only give u about 5 tickets. Well, u can get more if u pay real money. Just stay away, it's rigged completely.

Needs update

This app keeps crashing and wasting my tickets away!!

Poor connection

I downloaded this game over 24 hours ago and have only been able to play it once. I have perfect service and WiFi but it won’t connect now! So annoying!


I’ve deleted and reinstalled this game six times now and can’t get past the loading screen

tooo much

i was pretty happy until i decided to connect with FB && smh yah BUGGING. you put my whole name AND AGE.... WHYYYYYYY is my age and full name posted? i deleted this game just for that... also, synonyms should work for some answers... ex: read / read bedtime stories--same answer but you only take the later.

Good play but terrible app

1) I don't mind sound effects but please shut the music off. 2) constantly asks for Facebook Auth even though Facebook says it's already author. Finally gave up and deleted the game.

Glitches galore

It takes so long to match with players and sometimes it will say “I’m busy” on the person you randomly matched with and are stuck on a loading screen forever until you force quit. Takes a long time to load, questions repeat, and even if you win you lose a ticket. The “reward” for winning 5 times is coins, but no tickets to play With. I hate games that take away lives or tickets or whatever whether you win or lose. Yay I win ! Now I ga


The answers are so lame, the keypad is annoying, and you get repetitive questions.

Not like TV

I find it difficult to believe that the answers are obtained from actual surveys because most are inapplicable.


This game is very culturally bias

Was fun but too frustrating

Need more time to answer in fast money especially since I’m typing. Too hard to win fast money. If I don’t come up with the number one answer every timefor every questions 9 times out of 10 I lose.

Good and bad.

The keyboard is terrible. It prevents people from scoring and the options for answers are often times too specific or non specific .

Horrible app

Had to delete game about 10 mins after downloading it. Keep saying connection failed and takes long to load. Waste of time.

Don’t start

Don’t start

Time answer

Could give more time to answer questions. However, really fun game and the people you play are nice!!!!

Fun but irritating

This game is really fun, however, I lose connection ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I can’t get connected at all, other times it will disconnect right in the middle of a game. So annoying!! Please fix this major issue....

Crashes toooooo much

I love the game but I have lost MILLIONS OF COINS because the game freezes, reloads, or doesn’t let me type in an answer. I can’t find some of the people I have played with which is annoying. Same puzzles OVER AND OVER!

Crashes everyday

Love the game, when it works. Crashes everyday and I have lost over 1 million in coins so far, due to the crashes.

Don’t download this app

I takes forever to download this app I have good service and wifi but it still took 3 hours just for me to play. They start you off with NO money come on give us at least 100 coin or something.It’s just a wast of time and space.

RIPS YOU OFF!!!!!! NO FACEBOOK, you’re punished!

I absolutely love Family Feud. However, this game is a waste of money. If you’re not buying coins, tickets, etc, then you’re shut off. Also, beware of not typing in a VERY SPECIFIC answer. I’ve been buying coins and tickets to play. If not, I have to wait for my tickets to reload. I’m NOT of the FACEBOOK world, so I’m being punished and not able to take advantage of what’s behind the wall. You should make a VIP for those of us who are not on Facebook as opposed to punishing us for not being so attached to FB or the social media gods. I know there must be a way for us to enjoy Family Feud without have to pay sooooooo much. Just when I get cooking, my 5 tickets are gone. It has to be a way we can unlock these and other benefits. I know that it’s about money. I’ve seen other complaints and your blah blah replies. I never write reviews but I HAD to write this one. Til then..............

Love it

I love it I play it with my family.The whole world should play it .!So if you want this game get it!


The answers to the questions in this game are absurd. I’m often puzzled as to who might have been surveyed to get these answers. Also sometimes correct answers don’t register as correct which is frustrating when you typed it in and it’s marked wrong and then turns out to have been one of the top answers.

This is so bad

I’m not just being sour, but this is not the experience you get from the real family feud. It does not accept right answers unless its what is specifically has written down. It has almost no register for similar answers making it very frustrating


Rigged. Just wants you to spend money on coins

Keeps losing connection and taking my coins

I would give this app 5 stars but it keeps losing connection and taking my coins... SO FRUSTRATING!! Seriously have lost over 200,000 coins like this

Unfair and repetitive

They will randomly not award you points for correct answers, the countdown clock is glitchy, and they ask the same questions over and over and over again. Frustrating and lame.


Love feuding


It crashes a lot and takes your ticket and money 😡


This game says it is live but you are sometimes playing the computer using the likeness of someone that has the game on their phone. My bf and I both had the game on my phone. I was driving, not logged into the game at all and he randomly played “me”. However it was not me, it was the computer using my pic. You will notice it’s a computer when your opponent seems to have every answer back to back. I also just say the time tick out to ZERO seconds with me winning and then it said the opposing player won the entire game. I lost 4500 coins that way. This game is complete lies. I enjoyed playing but if it’s just going to cheat me. I am done. I just removed it from my phone. That was the final straw.

Huge let down - Needs update

This is a love hate relationship - Love family feud and the idea of a game / hate the actual game! I have literally lost close to all of my coins bc out of nowhere I get “no intent connection” and the app cancels my game and I lose everything in play... not to mention the questions are all repetitive so at a certain point you can win rounds bc you know the answers *assuming the app doesn’t close* another let down is the game is annoyingly picky with answers ex: “shirt” doesn’t work but “a shirt” ends up being a final answer - seriously??? Why would I keep guessing different variations of how to say shirt and keep losing coins?? Smh

Repeat questions, can’t earn tickets

Three major complaints. 1. The questions repeat often. If you’re playing against someone who has been playing longer they have a huge advantage. I’ve only been playing for a few days (level 4) and I see the same questions constantly. It gives me a huge unfair advantage to get a perfect score on a level because I already know the answers. 2. You need tickets to play and it takes forever to get tickets. You get a new ticket every HOUR. (Much longer compared to other games I play.) There is nothing to speed this up unless you buy a MONTHLY membership. No ads you can watch or things you can do. So I basically just play once a day. There is the option to invite people on a list to play but it’s rare that they respond to the request and you don’t really win anything when you play against them. Each round costs 12 coins to play and you may only win 10 coins that round. And if you match with someone who has been playing much longer than you, then you’re wasting your coins because they will get perfect scores on all the repeat questions. 3. It randomly does or does not recognize your answer. I wrote “moon bounce” when they were looking for “bounce house” and was rejected. I wrote “clothes” when they wanted “suit” and it was accepted. There are times what I write isn’t even close to the answer they’ll use it for. Other times they reject answers that mean the exact thing on the list.


Horrible they ask the dumbest questions. And repeat the same things over


How do you make a Family Feud game without including Fast Money in the classic mode? You have to play it in a separate mode which makes ZERO sense!

Pisses me off

This game is fun, OTHER than half the time I put a answer it says it’s wrong but when they show the board MY ANSWER IS ON THERE.. pisses me off!


This game is terrible. The questions are way 2 hard and don’t make any sense:

Not ACTUALLY “live”

Always just takes your coins on the first game then try to sucker you into buying game I got every single answer on the board and the opponent still won by 10 points tell me how that’s at all logical


I’ve played another version of family feud on my phone before (the non live version) where I experienced the same problems!! IMPOSSIBLE to type, not including the lack of accessibility to auto-correct. Not only are you mistyping things on a time-crunch but you have no autocorrect access to correct a single letter error. Besides that the survey options can be down right ridiculous, not to mention the questions- completely unthinkable. Truthfully regret the time I spent into this game, put me into a completely FOUL mood.

Need lives more often



It’s fun but it always says I lost connection and wastes my coins when Nothing is wrong with my connection it makes me want to scream

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